It all starts here.  But, it needn't end here.  USEP has traditional and non-traditional capital resources that specifically target the hemp industry.  We understand, and specialize in that business, and can fund projects and expenditures of $1 million to $100 million or greater.  Here's a list of some of the things we typically look for:

  • Some level of experience with agribusiness or processing technology is ideal;

  • Ownership, control, or availability of related facilities, such as a farming operation, packing or processing facility, manufacturing plant, etc.;

  • Financial solvency and a reasonable financial history that can survive minimal underwriting;

  • An abbreviated proposal (executive summary) describing your business strategy, including things like: proposed customer base, proposed distribution channels, proposed monthly volume of processed material, proposed volume and types of output products, estimated costs and sources of input material, estimated value of end products, proposed staffing and operating strategy, any other relevant or supporting information:

  • Two years of financial projections, profit and loss statements, or tax returns.

Planning and Contracts.

Mapping out the resources, contributions, and obligations of all concerned parties is often the most challenging stage in creating a viable enterprise.  We favor simple, plain-language agreements that set out the basic deal points, terms, and conditions in a format that everyone can understand.  Using our team of arbitration judges, attorneys, and seasoned business executives, we are able to prepare the initial project agreements, and then assist the legal team should further refinement be necessary.

Equipment Procurement.

This step can often make or break the project, if not done properly.  Because we are dealing with a relatively young industry, many equipment vendors are rushing to get products into the marketplace, and there are many conflicting claims and unsubstantiated promises being made, suggesting that project developers need to exercise caution when evaluating sources of mission- critical components.  Our vendor relationships are based on sound research  and due diligence with respect to history of the manufacturer, number of systems deployed, performance documentation, customer service, and quality factors.  We can offer specific vendor solutions for all project requirements, or assist the project owner in evaluating other vendor-providers.

Facility Design and Permits.

All design and engineering services are available from industry-certified professionals to ensure that all code requirements are met, and, if required, to produce a GMP-compliant facility.  Services may include environmental studies, building plans, mechanical/electrical/plumbing plans, regulatory compliance, and a waste management plan.  We offer renewable and alternative energy design to incorporate photo-voltaic solar, battery storage, water irrigation, lighting, and grow-system automation. 

Facility Construction.

We own a licensed general contracting company that also holds an electrical specialty classification.  We also have on staff individuals that have managed the construction of hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings over a history of more than 20 years, including steel prefabricated structures.  All on-site and off-site construction and construction management services are available.

Staffing/Operations Management.

Operating the project or facility safely and efficiently is extremely important for several reasons, including the significant cost of raw materials, the value of end products, protection of employees, and the competitive nature of the business environment. We have assembled a team of highly experienced growers, processors, and extraction plant operators that are available to assist with staffing and workforce issues, plant layout and operation considerations, and sourcing of raw materials/distribution of end products.   

Biomass Sourcing.

Biomass sourcing for extraction facilities is proving to be a challenging undertaking for several reasons, due to contamination of some crop materials with pesticides and/or heavy metals, unreliable or fraudulent sellers, and volatility in prices due to seasonal and supply/demand factors.  Our strategy for providing biomass materials to our partners/clients includes the following:

  • developing our own network of private growers that are farming in areas known to be "clean";

  • establishing our own farming operations

  • sourcing from other suppliers that can offer extremely competitive prices

We can source milled hemp biomass in quantities as large as 10 million pounds.

​Product Distribution.

Our affiliation with, and ownership in, several large extraction facilities provides us with direct access to several extremely large CBD distribution contracts with open-ended consumption requirements.  These channels allow for instantaneous, predictable distribution of end products, and also feature access to numerous retail brands.