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As large commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical consumers continue to accelerate the development of products containing hemp-derived components, the demand for consistent, high-quality sources is expanding at a far faster rate than the supply side is able to satisfy. The recent passage by Congress of the Farm Bill of 2018, which authorizes growing of industrial hemp by farmers on a national scale, has removed the last remaining stigma associated with the legality of hemp, and the acreage under cultivation is expanding at an exponential rate. Likewise, legalization of hemp farming in many states is generating an enormous demand for high-quality end products, creating attractive opportunities in the supply chain.  However, many small, mid-sized, or even large producers are struggling with the logistics of growing, processing, or distributing raw materials or end products.  We can help.  Our portfolio of services can bridge the gaps in your project development plan, and enable your vision to become reality. We're seeking out serious, well-grounded organizations, and, if that describes your company, we'd like to discuss with you how we can provide the resources you need to enable you to become a viable and effective participant in this exciting industry.  

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